Aldi 3 The Policeman Laughs Again!

UK: 'The Adventures of a Laughing Policeman': 99 years old and still iconic

If anyone doubted the value of iconic copyrights, a 99 year old English Music Hall song is currently soundtracking three campaigns, as secured by BMG’s UK synch team.

‘The Adventures of a Laughing Policeman’ was written at the start of the roaring 20s, when Billie Grey penned the song for her husband English Music Hall artist Charles Penrose, who later recorded and performed the song.

The song is now owned by New Songs Administration Limited (NSA) and is administered by BMG worldwide.

NSA’s Managing Director, John Fogarty said, “This song is very close to my heart.”

‘The Adventures of a Laughing Policeman’ can be heard as part of a promotion of China's digital taxi App DiDi Chuxing, which tech giant Apple backed with an investment of one billion US dollars. In Taiwan, Pizza Hut has used the song in their latest ad campaign. Most recently, original recording can be heard in Aldi’s UK Price Match online campaign.

At nearly 100 years old, “The Laughing Policeman” is still earning its keep in the 21st century.