New Songs Administration Ltd Compositions include:

Written/Co-Written by Aaron Schroeder.

“Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)”

and more

Elvis Presley

“French Foreign Legion”

Frank Sinatra

“Rubber Ball”

Bobby Vee

“Mandolins in the Moonlight”

Perry Como

“Apron Strings”

“Schoolboy Crush”

Cliff Richard

“Glad All Over”

The Beatles

Carl Perkins

“Because They’re Young”

Duane Eddy


Written by Billie Grey.

“The Laughing Policeman” 

Charles Penrose (including all adaptations)


Written/Co-Written by Charlie Wilson, Lonnie Simmons, Ronnie Wilson, Rudy Taylor & Robert Wilson.

“Uptown Funk” 

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars


Written by David Bentley.

“In a Broken Dream” 

Python Lee Jackson ft. Rod Stewart

Live performance of “In A Broken Dream” by Bernard Butler and Edwyn Collins

Other media:

The Story Behind The Song – Rod Stewart talks about “In A Broken Dream”

“The Blues” 

Python Lee Jackson ft. Rod Stewart


Written/Co-Written by David Bentley.


A$AP Rocky Ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson


Songs Written by David Essex.

“Gonna Make You A Star”

David Essex

“Hold Me Close”

David Essex

“Imperial Wizard”

David Essex


David Essex

“Me And My Girl ( Night-Clubbing )”

David Essex

“Rock On”

David Essex

“Rock On”

Michael Damian

“Rolling Stone”

David Essex

“Silver Dream Machine”

David Essex


David Essex


David Essex


Written/Co-Written by Gary Grainger.

“Don’t Go Where The Road Don’t Go” 

Ringo Starr

“I Was Only Joking” 

Rod Stewart

“Ain’t Love A Bitch” 

Rod Stewart


Rod Stewart


Written/Co-Written by Jerry Keller.

“A Man and A Woman”

Johnny Matthis

“All At Once It’s Love”

Louis Aldebert

“Almost There”

Andy Williams


Tom Jones









“Don’t Anybody Need My Love”

Skeeter Davis

“Here Comes Summer”

Jerry Keller

“How Does It Go”

Rick Nelson

“I’d Rather Fight (Than switch to you)”

The Tomboys

“The Legend Of Shenendoah”

James Stewart

“Love Is Stronger Far Than We”

Astrud Gilberto

“Our Love Is A Living Thing”

Ed Ames

“Turn Down Day”

The Cyrkle

“It’s Now or Never”

“Big Hunk O’ Love”

“Shoppin’ Around”


New Songs Administration Ltd Master Recordings include:

Owned and Available for Licensing

“In a Broken Dream” 

Python Lee Jackson ft. Rod Stewart

“The Blues” 

Python Lee Jackson ft. Rod Stewart

“Cloud Nine” 

Python Lee Jackson ft. Rod Stewart