Rod Goes to Bollywood



The second highest grossing Bollywood movie of 2019 features NSA composition, “Everyday” as recorded by rap king, A$AP Rocky, and featuring Knight of the Realm, Sir Rod Stewart.

The film is Gully Boy, an Indian musical drama about a poor college student with a love of rap music.  Growing up in the slums of Mumbai, protagonist Murad writes poems and lyrics to express himself and his dissatisfaction with his life’s circumstances. With dreams of fame, he participates in underground rap battles and gains notoriety on social media before embarking on his dream career.  The film is inspired by the stories of real-life Indian rappers Divine and Naezy.

“Everyday” was produced by Mark Ronson and samples Rod Stewart’s vocals from the classic recording, “In a Broken Dream” (another NSA composition), which features on most of Rod’s “Best of” compilation albums and is regarded by many as one of his finest moments (out of many).  “Everyday” was previously featured in the film, Baywatch, and this placement takes Rod from the beach to Bollywood.

New Songs Administration’s catalogue includes an impressive array of compositions, including a share of worldwide mega-hit “Uptown Funk”, and compositions “Here Comes Summer” (UK #1 in 1959), “Almost There” recorded by Andy Williams, and the English National Treasure, “The Laughing Policeman”. NSA also administers the A. Schroeder catalogue with its wealth of songs recorded by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Cliff Richard, and well-known boy band, The Beatles.

“NSA’s managing director, John Fogarty, says, “This [placement] shows that music has no boundaries.  In the first instance, a rap god samples a rock god, and then the new recording ends up in an Indian movie about hip hop — fantastic!”

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Welcome to Bollywood, Rod!

“Uptown Funk” introduces Cadillac’s new XT4

Cadillac has chosen “Uptown Funk” to introduce its innovative new XT4 model.  The commercial debuted during the broadcast of the Academy Awards in the United States, and its use of “Uptown Funk” illustrates Cadillac’s ability to appeal to new generations and keep its iconic brand at the forefront of the automotive market.

Car lover and New Songs owner John Fogarty declined the offer of a new Cadillac (only joking) as he is devoted to the ’56 Eldorado favoured by Elvis, but agreed that the use of “Uptown Funk” in the new commercial for Cadillac would be great for both Cadillac and “Uptown Funk”

L’Oreal Chooses “Uptown Funk” for Worldwide Ad Campaign

Iconic cosmetic brand L'Oreal has chosen "Uptown Funk" as the music for its upcoming major worldwide advertising campaign for its Garnier line.  The commercial for the Garnier Fructis HairFood Mask originates in France and New Songs Administration thanks French sync queen Jessica Ibgui for her wonderful efforts on bringing the deal to fruition.  Naturally, a monster fee has been secured for the use of the biggest hit of the modern era in connection with this world-famous brand.  All L'Oreal users are sure to be "funked up!"