John Fogarty’s New Songs Administration acquires the Lynn Hatch Music Catalogue

John Fogarty’s New Songs Administration (NSA) has acquired the Lynn Hatch Music catalogue from composer and recording artist, Jerry Keller.

Amongst the works acquired is the 1958 worldwide hit, “Here Comes Summer”, which Keller wrote and recorded. The song reached No. 1 on the UK charts and No. 14 in Billboard, and was covered by various artists including Cliff Richard and The Dave Clark Five.

Also included is “Almost There”, co-written by Keller & Gloria Shayne, which was a major hit for Andy Williams in 1965, reaching No. 2 in the UK and also covered by Brenda Lee.

Keller also wrote the English language versions of the songs comprising the score of the classic French film, “A Man and a Woman” (“Un Homme et une femme”), which are also part of the catalogue.

NSA was formed in 2014 prior to the sale of Minder Music by Fogarty to BMG.  Minder Music included a treasure trove of works recorded by The Gap Band, Fatback, Jimmy Castor, Blondie, Ace, The Impressions, The Fall, and many others.

NSA was founded to handle works retained by Fogarty after the sale of Minder, including a share of worldwide mega-hit “Uptown Funk”. Amongst the other works owned by NSA are Python Lee Jackson/Rod Stewart’s “In A Broken Dream” (publishing and master), A$AP Rocky’s “Everyday”, and the English National Treasure, “The Laughing Policeman”.

NSA also administers the A. Schroeder catalogue with its wealth of songs recorded by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Cliff Richard, and well-known boy band, The Beatles.

NSA signed a worldwide administration deal with BMG in 2017. Fogarty says, “Knowing that I have the back-room expertise of BMG behind me gives me a great deal of confidence. They are great to work with and it’s a pleasure being in business with a company that understands the world of independent music publishing.”

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